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tv   The Early Show  CBS  May 7, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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market mayhem. the dow plunges nearly 1,000 points before rebounding. we'll be live from wall street with why it happened and what you need to know to protect your money. shahzad on tape. a worldwide hunt is on for faisal shahzad's money source as surveillance video shows the suspect buying fire work which is police say became part of the bomb. we'll speak exclusively with the sclerk who sold him the goods. use and giant trouble. nfl great lawrence taylor is charged with raping a teen aenled girl. we'll bring you the latest early this friday morning may 7th, we'll bring you the latest early this friday morning may 7th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs
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good morning to from you new york where the stock market storm has passed this morning after a harrowing five minute free-fall yesterday. good morning, harry. >> reporter: i tell you, there was a few moments yesterday when some of the most important socks in the country were trading for as little as a penny a piece. that's one cent a piece. how this happened and what might happen today, we'll talk about in just a second. >> we will also take you this morning to the gulf of mexico where cleanup crews have finally successfully lowered that dome into the water that they hope will stop the gushing oil leaks there while residents of several states keep a close eye on the shore line. we'll bring you that storynd at rest of the day's news from the studio. but first we foe back to wall street and harry. >> reporter: plenty of high anxiety on wall street yesterday. at one moment the dow jones industrial average dipped almost
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1,000 points, the wbiggest singe dip ever. how that happened and what might happen in the future is the question on everybody's mind. and rebecca jarvis is here. what happened here yesterday? >> i can tell you from a firsthand account of being on the floor right ahead of this that very little was happening. it was a relatively tame day on wall street. however, after this market took a mega fall yesterday, the markets around the globe have responded in europe, in az crash throughout the world right now, markets are trading hoer after yesterday's roller coaster ride. it was a free-fall on wall street. in a fan of just 15 minutes, the dow lost 700 points. at its worst, the market was down nearly 1,000. >> it was probably one of the scariest things that i've seen in the street on close to 30 years. >> reporter: by 3:00, it had gained much of the losses back. by the closing bell, stocks
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finished down a more modest 347 points. worries over the financial crisis in greece sparked the initial selloff. riots broke out in athens after the government approved budget cuts to keep the country from bankruptcy. investors fear greece's troubles could spread throughout europe, closing a global recovery. >> we hope that the people in the european union can come together and resolve this, that it does not turn out to be the first domino to fall. >> reporter: late in the day surprising reports that the panic may have been caused by a trader hitting the wrong button on a computer. some on wall street speculate an order to sell was placed in the billions instead of millions. >> we did a lot of computer trading, so that pushed the market right down. >> reporter: but while the cause is still under investigation, this roller coaster ride will likely spook investors. >> i'm concerned that the volatility will make them a bit more cautious in their trading oeft next couple of weeks.
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that could make markets thinner as fewer participants are in the game. >> the securities and exchange commission says it is reviewing unusual trading and our treasury secretary, timothy geithner, will participate in a call today about greece with finance ministers throughout the world. >> so literally some guy who might have hit three extra zeros with a fat thumb could have -- >> southends implausible. a number of folks on wall street are saying it could be true that this is a result of human error, but it could also be the result in many cases of computerized programs, which are set to trade mega, mega amounts of stocks at any given time. and they're just set without human beings even being participants. in fractions of a second and fraction of a second, in millie
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seconds trades get done throughout the world and many are saying that could have exacerbate the down side risk. >> thank you very much. we're also joined this morning by steve forbes, "forbes magazine." thanks for taking the time to spend a few minutes with us. what was your reaction to what happened here yesterday afternoon? >> it shows that even in this age of high-tech knowled techno get eye catching clichs in the system. so there are systemic flaws they'll have to dig out. you can literally do 10,000 trades every second, so they have to figure out what in the world went wrong. you also have systemic -- economic fundamentals at work, too, that help bring this thing down. >> we've been watching the very robust stock market for, you know, several weeks now. people have been buoyed about it, there's a degree of
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optimism. but you watch these riots in the streets in greece, you see the european union in a state of disarray. we once talked about piigs not so long ago go, portugal, ireland, greece, spain. if greece has problems, will these other piigs get sick and what might that mean for the rest of us? >> i think determine any today votes on whether they'll go ahead with the bailout for greece. france did it yesterday. they will go ahead. and greece itself, they have very major systemic reforms to make. and the thing that on this to watch is not that greece h have to go through austerity, but will they also make systemic reforms like their tax code which is and itity business so the economy can get back on its feet. you'll see the same thing in britain. will they do it in a way that lets the economy recover. >> because they say the piigs end up may leading to the uk. but there's some self reflection that might be important here, as well, because as we look around the country, states like new york, illinois, california, are
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looking at mountains of not only debt but deficit. >> they've got their pension systems are all in major, major deficits. so we have our greeces here and there, illinois, california, new york, new jersey, michigan and others. and they will vee to make systemic reforms. we see that across the river in new jersey. major budget cuts, tax cuts to get these economies reformed. everyone has to get their act together. the wake-up call has come. >> in the short term, what do you anticipate happening today? >> i think initially the markets will take a hiccup and end up the day up. we're up 75%. a pause. not the end of the world. >> and would you go so far as to say you feel like the economy is in a state of recovery? >> the economy is recovering. it's a weak recovery given the magnitude of what happened in 2008, 2009. it's like a baseball team that was losing all the games. now they're only losing half the
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games. better than losing all of them, but not yet in the world series. >> steve forbes, we thank you for your expertise. let's go back to our studio at 59th and 5th. check back in with maggie. it is now 7:08 and now we have the latest on the attempted bombing in times square. as new evidence turns up on video, a search is on for the money man who allegedly supplied cash to the suspect. homeland security correspondent bob orr is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: well, investigators indeed are following the money to find out if faisal shahzad hadded any help at all from foreign operatives in paying for the failed attempt to bomb midtown manhattan. this newly obtained home video captures the early moments of the botched times square attack. faisal shahzad's suv is smoking in the background as police and emergency crews button up the scene. in it surveillance tape reveals a piece of evidence now connecting him to the attack. shahzad in a pennsylvania fireworks store, buying the samd
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kind of firecrackers used in his poorly built homemade bomb. shahzad made a serieses of mistakes. the day before he drove that black bomb laden nissan pathfinder into times square, shahzad parked a different car, a white isuzu suv in midtown man at that time tan. that was supposed to be his get-away car. but when he panicked the next night, left the keys to both his home and the getaway car in the smoking bomb car. >> during ongoing questioning by federal agents, shahzad has provid provided yoochl information and we will continue to pursue a numb leads as we gather intelligence. >> reporter: investigators still are trying to pin down what ties shahzad may have had to terrorists overseas. sources say there is evidence that shahzad visited a mosque and a training camp connected to the same terrorist group blamed for the killing of "wall street journal" reporter dan quell pearl. and the suspect has told interrogate informations he'sed a contact with operatives inside the pakistani taliban and this
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he's been inspired by an with an arrest awlaki. but financial pressure may have also played a role. video reveals he lived a spartan exist tense. his kitchen was nearly empty. and his bedroom had an air mattress on the floor. we're told shahzad continues to cooperate with interrogators, but sources say he's showing no remorse at all. in fact rgts he seems proud of what did he and he's told u.s. officials that he wanted to strike a blow to avenge u.s. drone attacks in pakistan. >> bob orr in washington this morning. thank you. we saw the surveillance tape of the suspect buying fireworks in pennsylvania. chris nemeth is the store clerk who sold them to shahzad and he's here this morning. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to might, as well. so this bombing attempt happened on may 1st. when did shahzad buy the fireworks? >> he purchased them march #th.
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8th. >> so two months earlier. how did he pay for it. >> >> he paid with cash. >> you have the receipt. dove to ask for any i.d. or anything? >> yes, it's required by state that you that every customer that comes in has to show a permit -- or a state issued i had pi indication card. >> what did he have? >> he had a connecticut license. >> with his real name? >> yes. >> so everything seemed to pass the smell test so far. >> correct. >> how much did he buy? >> he bought eight boxes and phantom fire work, everyone's buy one get one free. >> so he bought item of these? >> correct. >> and if you think of eight of these going off at the same time, what kind of bang would it produce? >> they're not supposed to go off at the same time or they can't really chain react pl temperature just give a gentle pop. >> so anything about his demeanor or anything at all that
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raised a red red flag to you? >> no, he came in calm, a very unremarkable customer. didn't raise any red flag. just seemed like a typical american average guy. >> would montwo months later, as come into your score to question you and it that's when you sigh see the surveillance video and frng what? >> it gave me the chills at first. i couldn't remember the day until i saw the video and memories started to come back. >> what type of questions it authorities ask you, the same time i'm asking you? >> pretty much, yes. >> and what did they say about the investigation? >> they just wanted me to identify the guy and try to help them out as best as i possibly could. >> how does it feel to know that you came in such close contact with a man suspension of a terror attack in. >> the thought never crossed my mind that i would be dealing with someone that wanted to harm our country. >> ask it change anything in the way do you business or in the way you go about your day? >> no, i treat everyone the
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same. >> what about management, what did they tell you? >> it wasn't until monday when i had the possibility that it could have beened at our store and then tuesday the authorities came and that's when my boss told me i had to come down and talk to the authorities. >> as far as you know, are they going change anything in the way that they do business? >> not to my knowledge right now, no. >> all right, chris nemeth, thank you so much. good to have you here. >> nice to meet you. it is thousand now 7:13. time to get the rest of the headlines. good morning. new hampshire police say a bomb scare involving a greyhound bus was not a terrorist e67b9. a nine hour standoff ended last night in ports mouth and the last of 17 passengers traveling from maine to new york city finally got off with hands up and is being questioned. it's unclear why, but he had refused to leeft bus. it started before noon with a 911 call of a bomb on that bus. no bomb was found. lettuce sold in 23 states is
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being recalled. romaine lettuce oig may be contaminated with e. coli. it's sold undert fresh with the day and imperial sysco labels. 12 people were hospitalized after eating the lettuce. ten more cases are being investigated. in the gulf of mexico this morning, the moment of truth is approaching as workers try to cap that huge oil leak. cbs news correspondent mark strassmann is in venice, louisiana. good morning, mark. >> good morning, betty. right now a mile below the surface, underwater robots are circling the biggest leak of all putting the latest best hope into place. it's all, of course, a great deal of pressure here because nothing so far has stopped the leak from gushing or stopped the continuous pressure to find the right fix. waves of oil are now making landfall in the chandeleur islands, barrier islands that protect louisiana's fragile coast and that's pushing the efforts of thousands of workers battling the spill.
7:15 am
the biggest project got underway thursday night at 10:00 p.m., a crane began lowering this 40 foot tall 100-ton concrete and steel containment box almost a mile down to the source of the leaking oil. it's an extremely ambitious approach, never tried before in water so deep. >> i think the rick is going to be to get over that hole. that's like looking for a needle in the haystack, although they know where the needle is. >> reporter: engineers hope the containment box k5u78ed a cover dam h trap as much as 85% of the spill and funnel it up through a pipe to tankers on the surface. if all goes well, it could be operating by sunday. but environmentalists say it may already be too late for much of the gulf's ecosystem. >> we're losing because the oil is in the water column and right now, it's killing things that we can't see. >> reporter: bp is also fighting the leak with more than 160,000 gallons of chemical dispersants. these dis% events attach to the oil and break up its density.
7:16 am
oil droplets sink to the ocean floor. but the dispersants include toxic chemicalses, so toxic critics say they may do more harm and the oil itself. >> just because we don't see dead birds on the beaches doesn't mean that we don't have a serious wildlife problem. >> reporter: once this containment box gets in to place, this process gets tricky and dangerous again as the oil is trapped and brought to the surface, the mix of oil, water and gas has to be separated. get it wrong, and there could be another explosion. betty? >> cbs' mark strassmann in vep miss, louisiana p about thank you. there's no clear winner this morning in britain's elections and now the race is on to form a new government. no party won enough votes in yesterday's election to control parliamentment about gordon brown's labour party came in second to david cameron's conservatives. but because he is prime minister, brown gets the first crack at forming a new coalition government. and britain's prince harry has been selected to train as an a patchy helicopter pilot.
7:17 am
harry has completed basic pilot school and gets his wings today. the a patchy is designed to hunt and destroy tankses and is used extensively in afghanistan. he's already served there as an air controller. it is friday and we do want to get a check of the weather. dave price is here with first look. >> we have an active weather map. take a look at the
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have. today, we're looking at 77 degrees and then 64 sunday and breezy and a good bit of sunshine and 69 and 74 for tuesday and wednesday. now, for a look at the roads with sharon gibala. hi, tim, good morning, everyone. we have one accident in annapolis involving a bus on route 50. traffic lights are out on putty
7:26 am
hill avenue and oakly road and putty hill avenue at hairing parkway. and we're looking at the construction now. that's at hairing run and you'll want to take cold spring instead and there are closiers downtown and flower street closed and roads affected are madison. and there's the looks at the drive times and the speeds. there's a live look at 50 at the bay bridge. this traffic report is brought to you by the cochran firm. thank you, in the news this morning, a university of virginia student murdered in her apartment this week and now, her family and friends are
7:27 am
saying good buy. >> reporter: family and friends of yeardley love are preparing for her viewing today. her exboyfriend sent her death threats before they say he killed her. he admitted to hitting her head against the wall of her bedroom and the lawyers say it was an accident. her funeral will be saturday morning at 10:00. and her teammates are traveling here to attend the visitation and funeral form. --tomorrow. > tomorrow, is the funeral at 10:00. and a potential problem at bwi yesterday. a pilot declared an alert and landed the plane away from the jetway when one of the passengers acted suspiciously. it's not clear what he was doing, but no one was injured. up next, lawrence taylor, the
7:28 am
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folks on the plaza cheering loud enough to be blissfully unaware of what happened on wall street on thursday. oh, my gosh. you talk about panic and a sense of forebodying, that moment there yesterday afternoon when the stock market dropped almost 1,000 points, people really weren't sure what was going on. we of course with a much better idea now. we talked to rebecca jarvis, we talked to teach forbes. in up a can he will minuting we'll talk to jill schlesinger. jill of course is at cbs "moneywatch," we've had her on money time before. if you're an individual investor, if you have a 401(k), you're concerned about what you should do now, say tuned because
7:31 am
she'll be joining us in a couple of minutes with some real live wall street wisdom. maggie, good morning again. >> good morning. but first at 7:30, another giant problem for lawrence taylor. the pro football hall of famer has had brushes with the law in the past, but now he's facing charges of raping a teenaged girl. jeff glor is in ramapo, new york with the details. >> reporter: good morning. lawrence taylor is free this morning on $75,000 bail. and you're right, he has been in trouble before. but never like this. police took taylor into custody thursday and charged him with third degree sexual assault. >> the investigation indicates that mr. taylor engaged in sexual intercourse with a child less than 17 for which he paid the victim $300. >> reporter: the 51-year-old is accused of having sex with a 16-year-old runaway who place
7:32 am
say was forced into prostitution by a man who beat her before taking her to taylor. police say they found out when the girl sent text messages to her uncle. >> he is charged with rape. lawrence taylor did not rape anybody. >> reporter: the two-time super bowl winner is arguably the greatest defensive player in super bowl history, a map who redefined the sport with fearless pass rushes. but the same recklessing a agrees he broit to the field continued off it. in 1996, '97, and '98, he was arrested on drug possession charges. in 2009, for fleeing the scene of an accident in miami. >> lawrence has had a long history of illegal problems. none of this or anything involving lawrence taylor like this is surprising at all. >> reporter: during a 2003 interview with mike wallace on "60 minutes," taylor discussed his addiction to cocaine. >> $1,000 a day on company taken. >> oh, yeah. it was a hell of an extensive
7:33 am
party. that party never ended. >> reporter: in recent year, he's tried to rehabilitate his image with appearances on "dancing with the stars" and the a and e documentary fame and recovery. taylor is due back in court in june. he faces up to five years in prison if convicted. making dwi? >> jeff glor in ramapo, new york. thank you. let's take a closer look at the charges. joining us is christopher saint lawrence, he is police commissioner of the town of rama ramapo. is there any physical received or is it just her story that these charges are based on? >> i can't talk about any evidence that was taken from the room, although our police did take forensic evidence from the scene of the hotel.
7:34 am
>> are there any witnesses from the holliday inn that also pack up the story? >> there are witnesses that saw mr. taylor there.bpack up the story? >> there are witnesses that saw mr. taylor there.ack up the story? >> there are witnesses that saw mr. taylor there. there are no witnesses to describe the situation with the young girl. >> but they can place him at the scene? >> absolutely. >> when her uncle, when the young lady's uncle contacted the police, did he have any idea that it was haur lawrence taylor that she was accusing of rape? >> we did not know that at that time, however, the victim did relay that message, our police knew who we were going in after at room 160 in the holiday inn an as you know, there's a continuing investigation both here and in new york city with multiple agencies right now.d a continuing investigation both here and in new york city with multiple agencies right now. looking also at are a she'd caves and the potential of human trafficking. >> who was mr. taylor's demeanor when you went to arrest him? >> his demeanor was he was not
7:35 am
combative. he was cooperative with the police. he can wait want to go into the room. we did that allow him to do that and we recovered items in that men's room. >> how do you predict this case will wind up? >> i think there will be two sirds. one will focus in on the human trafficking with hasheed davis and that is something we still have the ability to charge him with here in this jurisdiction, but presently we're allowing morning city and other agencies to work on the human trafficking. and we will continue pursuing who was the contact person rasheed davis and mr. taylor. >> because this young lady was
7:36 am
supposest reportedly a prostitute. >> i wouldn't character i rise her a prostitute. she was a 15-year-old runaway who turned 16 over the last few months and who was taken advantage of in this situation. >> yes. prostitute if that's the word definitely against her will. we got that. thank you, sir. now let's bring in jack ford. >> in new york as in most did your jurisdictionses, it says if you have sexual intercourse with somebody under age, it's a crime. third degree felony, no if, ands or butts about it. >> even if she consented. >> even if she consented. it's interesting because as a matter of public policy, our law has said we have to protect people. here 16 says you are not capable of consenting. so even if it it was a situation where it was a situation where romantically were involved, the law still says at 16 you can't legally give your consent. so if you engage in sexual
7:37 am
intercourse with somebody who is 16, you're in trouble. >> what if he didn't know she was 16? >> that's the one that's always puzzling about this. the law also says if you were ignorant about that fact, that's unfortunate. it's your fault. you are charged. the individual is charged with making sure if you're going to have sexual relations with somebody, they are, indeed, above the age of consent. >> will his prior legal troubles be a factor in this case? >> they will in a couple of ways. if it goes to trial, the jury probably won't hear at all about this because they're unrelated. but his prior problems could be a difficulty if they're trying to work out a deal for him because the prosecutor might say she looked older than 16, so we're willing to give you help on that, but the fact that he's been in trouble before, it's harder to get a better deal. >> jack ford, thank you. we want to switch gears and go back to dave for another look at the weather. let's hit the forecast right
7:38 am
7:39 am
maggie, look at those cool temperatures in the northern plain states. 41 today in fargo. >> in may. thank you so much, dave. still ahead, good advice for investors after yesterday's down and up day on wall street. too much... or i just forget. but look. this is doing fine. why? it's planted in miracle-gro moisture control potting mix. it holds 33% more water... than ordinary potting soil, releasing it as plants need it, not when i get around to it. and there's miracle-gro plant food mixed in. so you get miracle-gro results... i like that. [ female announcer ] new and improved miracle-gro moisture control potting mix. success starts with the soil.
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we're on the floor of the new york stock exchange with jill schlesinger from cbs money >> reporter: >> almost 1,000 point drop at one point during the day. there was panic, there was anxiety. and then by the end of the day, some relief. but, jill, as we stand here today, people at home, the individual investor, folks who have their 401(k)s, are very concerned about what should they be acting today, should they be
7:43 am
acting just in case something like this happens again. >> i used to tell my clients don't focus on any one day. and that's the truth. the reality is if you had a diversified portfolio yesterday, and i'm not talking about a whacky diversified before 40% stocks, 40 portion bonds, some cash and some gold, you didn't have a terrible day yesterday. instead 6 beiof being down 3%, were only down 1.5%. with a diversified port follow i don't, you should sleep pretty well at night. >> for the foreseeable future? >> every day is a wild ride down here. it's been thus forever. the reality is if you're a long term investor, you know every single day can be crazy, but in the long term, you stick to your game plan, you should be doing quite well. >> people will be freaked out, though, to know some of the nuts and bolts of what went wrong on thursday. these millions of shares being
7:44 am
tratded at millie second speeds, sometimes at tiny little fre fractions of share points. if you're sitting at home saying, geez, i just bought general electric, shy ould i be freaked out? >> no, you shouldn't. maybe this is a glitch, but we've had many days and years where we've had billions shares trading back and forth and nothing like this has happened. so to have a couple of these every few year, not crazy. but don't focus on the glitches. focus on your game plan. every quarter, pull that statement out. stop relying on cnbc, cbs, anything else. you look and you say what is my game plan. go in there, rebalance, review. when you rebalance your portfolio, it formses to you sell high and buy low. and it's an amazing thing. all of a sudden you're forced to do what we've been trying to do
7:45 am
forever. >> what a man tractitra, right? from the stand point of an individual investor, you say get your face away from the screen. don't sit this every day and look at every little hiccup of the market, get a little more discreet distance. >> absolutely. my first job was here on the floor. my uncle was a specialist. he turned to me one day and said you should never make a big trading decision in the middle of a day like today. so if you're really thinking about making a decision, make it over the weekend, make sure it fits in with your game plan. >> thanks so much. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. ♪ daisy, do a dollop
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7:49 am
she's 17, but wearing a black corset pretending to be an exotic caged bird. just wanted to get your take on this real quick. >> well, it seems like a crazy oversexualizing children at this point. she's not a child, she's 17, but like that other young girl that's so popular, justin bieber -- >> he's a boy. and he's not dressed anything like that. >> oh. >> what you do with your disney channel subscription is your business, but that is wrong. >> more comic relief when we come back. don't go away. rom you? by alzheimer's. this cruel disease is the seventh leading cause of death and affects more than 5 million americans. the alzheimer's association is taking action, and has been a part of every major advancement. but we won't rest until we have a cure. you have dreams... help the alzheimer's association protect them.
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an invitation to come over to the other side. what else is gonna take your sandwich up a notch? the lettuce? are you up for some sandwich-kicking flavor? are you miracle whip?
7:54 am
are you up for some sandwich-kicking flavor?
7:55 am
blue skies outside and sharon will have the traffic after the weather. well, we have a little bit of sunshine and a comfortable day. we'll have a gorgeous start and 78 degrees today and mostly sunny and pleasant. the average overnight low is 49. 77 tomorrow and becoming windy and we'll see the sun early in the day and late in the day. it's the middle part where we'll see the storms rolling through by mid-to late afternoon. and 64 monday and both days, sunshine and breezy and a chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. now, for another look at the roads, we'll send it to sharon gibala. hi, tim, good morning, everyone.
7:56 am
in the last 20 minutes, it's gotten busy. we have an accident on the lock raven boulevard and a crash on 83 at timonium road and that's involving a pedestrian at east ball mother and north washington and an accident involving a bus route. and a vehicle fire in bel air. that's at churchville road and leeway. and putty hill and that's blocking the left lane and traffic lights out also. and mostly at putty hill avenue. and the meantime, a look at the delays, 24 miles per hour now and there's the topside. and this is brought to you by friendly's, fresh from friendlies, seven new salad. and that looks good. >> and in the news this morning, a cockiesville family thought they would be preparing for her graduation, invite stead, it's her funeral. andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: don, family and
7:57 am
friends are preparing for yeardley love's viewing today. the police are saying that george huguely sent love death threats before he killed her. he admitted beated her and huguely's lauer insists it was an accident. the funeral is saturday morning before 10:00. and her teammates are traveling here to attend a visitation and a funeral. don, back to you. thank you, if you're looking for something to do, charm city is the place to be. the visitor's center is sponsoring several free events. the uss constellation and the national aquarium has the discounts for the mother's day weekend. ,,,,
7:58 am
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8:00 am
welcome back to "the early show" on this windy, chilly morning in new york city. a lot of kids and moms in the crowd because it's mother's day weekend. did you put mrs. price's gift in the mail? >> i did. the armored car is on its way as we speak. >> nice. >> sent down some cash for a mansion. >> that's my dave. >> psych, mom! >> coming up, we'll focus our "health watch" on mother's day. important questions st daughters should ask their mom about their medical condition. there are things that women want
8:01 am
to know. if my mom had cancer and heart disease,ly get it. jen will tell us. >> also out west to vegas. bobby is standing by -- look at that, all dressed up. >> high roller. >> only for you, dave. i tell you one thing that's really not a great combination, las vegas, bobby flay and very early mornings. i can't tell if it's early morning or the middle of the night, but we're going to have a couple of las vegas's greatest chefs talk about mother's day. veg gas and mother's day kind of go hand-in-hand, don't they? >> you they ever went to sleep, did you? >> i'm not going to comment on that.ever went to sleep, did you? >> i'm not going to comment on that. also we'll hear from robert downey jr. hey, look who made it back from wall street? >> i forgot my history book. i had to go and get it.
8:02 am
>> we'll have julie organization as well, because she talked to robert downey jr. this morning. >> very excited about that. and we have bobby flay. >> and we have harry back. >> let's go inside to betty. good morning. in the gulf of mexico, new progress this morning in the effort to cap that huge oil leak. 100-ton concrete container box that was lowered into the water last night is said to be close to being placed over the gushing well on the sea floor. it has to be precisely placed so that 85% of the leaking oil can be captured and fined to a tanker on the surface nearly a mile above. all eyes on the lates unemployment numbers this morning. the labor department is expected to report 200,000 jobs were ased last month. dell futuow futures are ris morning. it was down almost 1,000 points yesterday before recovering about two-thirds of its losses.
8:03 am
this morning consumer reports magazine lifted its don't buy warning from the lexus gx 460 suv. last month the magazine slammed the 460 with a safety risk designation because of handling issues during quick turns. but a software upgrade corrected a problem with the electronic stability control. in britain this morning, a political cliffhanger after yesterday's election. cbs news correspondent mark phillips is in london with the latest. >> reporter: well, the great fear in this election was always that would win and in fact that's exactly what's happened. that's exactly what's happened. that's exactly what's happened. fact that's exactly what's happened.y would win and in fact that's exactly what's happened. nobody won enough seats to claim the keys to this place. but the negotiation stos who will try to form the next government and become the next prime minister have already begun. after what must surely have been the longest night of his political life, gordon brown returned to number 10 downing
8:04 am
street, the prime minister's residence, but for how long. his labour party has finished a solid second in this vote. yet david cameron's conservatives, while finishing first, have not won enough seats in the new parliament to form a majority government. which makes this man the potential king maker. nick clegg, whose liberal democrat party seemed about to make a breakthrough but would finish in third again. so what happens now? cameron says it's my turn. >> i believe it is already clear that the labour government has lost its mandate to govern our country. >> reporter: brown says not so past. >> my duty to the country coming out of this election is to play my part in britain having a strong stable and principled government. >> reporter: which is code for trying to work on an alliance with one of the smaller parties, and those negotiations are going on right now. normally in an election, there's a chance for politics to turn into government. that hasn't happened here yet.
8:05 am
>> cbs' mark phillip mis-london. thank you. katie couric has a preview of tonight's cbs evening news otherwise. >> good morning. so many americanss are out of work, but there are some have is actually scrambling to hire. where to go and fire the jobs. tonight, only on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show." and we want to take you back outside now. dave
8:06 am
we're looking at a nice day in store, already a good bit of sunshine and low humidity and mostly sunny and pleasant. tonight, 69 degrees and high after 78. tomorrow, 77 and becoming windier and a thunderstorm in the afternoon and 64 on sunday and 66 monday and a chance of showers on tuesday and
8:07 am
wednesday. and temperatures climbing u >> announcer: this supersized weather report is sponsored by the home depot. more saving, more doing. that's the power of the home depot. nice to see you. we have friends here who are part of the midora music program. they have never played together. this will be our first five second live concert. go ahead. ♪ how about that, huh? are they terrific? all right. you were great. has go maggie, back inside to you. in this morning's "health watch," like mother like daughter. we know that your mom's medical history can provide important clues to your own, so it's important that you ask some questions now. our dr. jennifer ashton is here to tell us more.
8:08 am
happy early mother's day. >> thank you, you, too. >> number one, basics. we have to know our mom's medical history. >> right. and also hike father like son. the bottom line is you want to know your family's medical history. most people don't. >> what specific diseases should we be aware of? >> the big ones that affect all women. so specifically things like cancer. and in past generations, a lot of moms didn't talk about cancers like breast cancer, uterine, ovarian cancer. they had a social stigma. they were almost tab would you. so if your mom had a cancer, any type, you want to ask specifics. what type, how was it treated, when was it diagnosed. the other things, heart disease and stroke. the number one and three killers. play 20 questions. what type of stroke and how was it treated. and lastly, diabetes, including diabetes of preg mabs city. how old were they when they were diagnosed and what kind of treatment they've had. >> in your mom had any of these things, are you more likely to
8:09 am
have them, too? >> you're not a carbon copy of your mother oiously you have a lot of the same jeanette it tick traits and predisposition. so it's one piece of the puzzle traits and predisposition. so it's one piece of the puzzle. but absolutely it's a factor. >> let's go to the second question that we should ask our mom. how difficult was your pregnancy. i asked my mom this recently. >> i get this question all the time. you want to ask about repeated miscarriages, whether twins run in the family, things like morning sickness. genetic predisposition has been found to be part of the puzzle, so you want to find out how hers was. it may or may not be similar for yours. >> next question, mom, when did you start getting hot flashes? >> exactly. the average age of menopause is 51. but it can range from 45 to 55. you want to find out how old was she and how bad was your menopause. doesn't mean you'll have the exact same appearance. >> what other questions?
8:10 am
>> how tall she was when she was 21 and has her height changed. you're looking for clues of osteoporos osteoporosis. >> do moms realize she's shrunk? >> if she doesn't, maybe it's type to get out the tape measure. but it is a risk factor for quours, as well. >> i know your mom is a nurse. what important medical lessons that bambi -- i don't even know her real name. >> dorothy. >> dorothy taught you. >> most of all she taught me to respect the human body and what is privilege it it is to take care of someone whether you're a doctor or a nurse. but also that a human being is so strong, men or women, and they can recover from a number of things so quickly. and i remember when i was pregnant with the kids, she said this is such an amazing experience, the human body is just a miraculous thing. >> she's so right about that. >> she sure was. . >> happy mother's day, bambi, and my mom and to you. coming up next here for us, we look for laughs in this week's news from the president and jay
8:11 am
leno in washington to a taser on the baseball field. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: "cbs health watch" sponsored by v8. get three of your five servings of vegetables today. v8, what's your number? of your 5 daily servings. it's a tasty, nutritious way to make this number go up... and help this one go down. v8. what's your number? soak our yards in color. get our hands a little busier. our dollars a little stronger. and our thinking a little greener. let's grab all the bags and all the plants and all the latest tools out there. so we can turn all these savings into more colorful shades of doing. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. get mom the colors of spring with great hanging baskets and container plants at our everyday low prices.
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8:14 am
your... better breakfast. however you want it! [ male announcer ] spread the word -- subway now has breakfast! get the deliciousness just the way you want it, like the subway western egg white muffin melt. build your better breakfast at subway. saturday's botched bombing in times square happened just as a lot of pig names were gathering in washington for the annual white house correspondents dinner. talk about timing. here with comic relief a all the week's news are marina franklin, mo rocca, and greg giraldo. good morning, everybody.foa all the week's news are marina franklin, mo rocca, and greg giraldo. good morning, everybody. let's talk about the failed terrorist attack or attempted terrorist attack in times square. is there anything amusing about that? >> i tell you, it's surprisingly funny terrorist attack.
8:15 am
attempted terrorist attack. the terrorists are getting a lot dumber. but what i'm finding interesting is that all the media outlets are really highlighting what did he wrong very specifically just so the next guy can get it right. i don't know who that serves. >> if you want those propane tanks to blow up, this is how to do it. >> we have our own weapons expert here to discuss what might have happened. >> don't you feel badly for him, though? he's the wiley company oyote of terrorists. he was rejected from every training camp he applied to.e.c terrorists. he was rejected from every training camp he applied to. co terrorists. he was rejected from every training camp he applied to. >> he can watch the fireworks experts you had on earlier. >> you just have to tie the fuses together, man. >> i'm sure the university of phoenix will soon be offering and online course. let's talk about the correspondents dinner. i was there. it is a star-studded affair. >> most of the jonas brothers
8:16 am
caucus showed up. the thing that -- the joke that obama made, and he did very well. i think easier easier for a politician telling jokes than a standup comedian because you don't expect it. and that room is notoriously horrible. but the jonas brothers they have to watch out for is frankie, the youngest one, the bonus jonas, because he is and i think appropriaage appropriate for the daughters. >> i think the an tticipation w he's going to kill.nd i think a appropriate for the daughters. >> i think the anticipation was he's going to kill.d i think ag appropriate for the daughters. >> i think the anticipation was he's going to kill.k age approp for the daughters. >> i think the anticipation was he's going to kill.age appropri for the daughters. >> i think the anticipation was he's going to kill. >> i think leno thought he would be like kevin eubanks, just another black guy sitting there. but he actually had some jokes. >> am i the only person that wasn't surprised that barack obama or any politician would be
8:17 am
funnier than jay leno? >> there you go. >> also, why are they surprised that there's usually like movie stars at political events. they go hand in hand. they like the spotlight, they like -- they're attractive and they're all about acting like everything's okay. >> what they used to say about washington is hollywood for ugly people. >> and the hollywood is washington for really weird looking people following reconstructive surgery. >> let's talk about the kid who ran on to the field at the phillies game. >> can we watch it? >> we have to. we'll watch it and watch it and watch it. and he's having the time of his life until -- >> didn't even make second. >> yeah. i guess what they have now in philadelphia at least is a zero tolerance policy for -- they might try and apply that at times square.
8:18 am
if do you the wroyou do the wro you'll get it. what did you think about it? >> it's great that you go to me with sports because i don't watch sports, but basically this made it more entertaining for me. seeing out of shape cops chase a 17-year-old boy is definitely entertaining. >> and if they added that periodic tloi more game, more people might go. >> more about sb. >> and this was a first. this cop is the jackie robinson of taser cops. it's the first time -- >> that a fan has been tasered on a field? >> yeah. a lot of electricity, though. it's not particularly green. >> is that right? >> yeah, i think she hahe shoul just shot him. >> wow. >> it's either acceptable to go on the field or it's not. if it's not, take it all the way. >> i like how the next day they had a copy cat guy try to do that but in making his point, like foe got he had marijuana on him. that's not how you make your he had marijuana on
8:19 am
him. that's not how you make your point. >> last but not least, elizabeth hassle beck was talking about the sports announcer from espn who has been on danci"dancing w the stars" and she said some unkind things about her costuming and it came back to bite elizabeth in the tears.sta things about her costuming and it came back to bite elizabeth in the tears. >> she basically said the stalker who harassed erin andrews could have just waited and watched her on "dancing with the stars" to see her more scantily clad. and she received counsel from her 5-year-old daughter what to do. and i happen to agree with her 5-year-old daughter on cap and trade and rehousewives of new jersey, but on this one -- >> sometimes your kid does give you helpful advice. i once upset somebody and my son said, dad, you should apologize. and it was pretty touching because my son's 18.
8:20 am
>> that works for me. mo rocca, greg giraldo, marina, we'll get you watching more sports. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] all you need for sensitive skin. all you expect from the number-one recommended detergent by dermatologists. all free clear is free of dyes and perfumes. and has powerful stainlifters to help get your whole wash clean. it's all good. christopher columbus sailed the ocean blue... in 14 hundred and 92. nice! follow me, the missouri river is this way! lewis and clark expedition of 1804. oh, he'll never get this. magellan, 1520. awww, my 8 layers must've given it away.
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8:22 am
coming up, we'll check in with julie in l.a. who talked to robert downey jr. big weekend ahead. your very first mother's day. are you excited? >> i am. i'm so excited. happy mother's day to you, as well, maggie. you have one at home, one on the way. what are you doing? >> we are going away for the weekend my husband promised me that he would watch the kids so i could take in everything. >> i hope my husband got knee that thing i really want. brunch with my mom, my
8:23 am
mother-in-law, my sister who is a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
8:25 am
it's 25 minutes past 8:00 and here's fort mchenry. that's coming together and here's the barge, sharon will wrap up the rush after the first warning weather. well, another nice day shaping up for those taking advantage of a get away friday. 78 degrees and pleasant and some clouds breezy and mild. tomorrow, 77 and windier with a chance of a shower moving by and a strong storm and as for the next five days, we'll see the temperatures leveling out by the middle of the week and we'll drop on mother's day and there will be breezy temperatures at 64 degrees. hi, tim, well, i'm happy to report, things are calming down. we have an accident on the topside of the beltway at lock
8:26 am
raven blocking the transition lane and also, a accident in the city involving a pedestrian and a bus blocking one lane of the avenue and as far as the delays go, slow, peatopia -- patopia and there's the drivetimes and they're up from 20 minutes ago and 95 to 83, the slowest spots. this is brought to you by bob evans. >> don, have a great friday. in the news, a 22 year old was murdered before she graduated from the university of virginia. andrea fujii has the story.
8:27 am
>> reporter: don, family and friends are preparing for yeardley love's viewing here today. her exboyfriend sent her death threats before he killed her. he hit her head up against the wall of her bedroom. her funeral is saturday at 10:00. her teammate are traveling here to attend the visitation and the funeral. thank you, andrea. the oriole's president said that the team better start hitting and wigging ton answered. and those runs would be all the orioles needed as the pitchers pitched a shutout. the orioles win, 2-0. they'll play in minneapolis again tonight. up next, robert downey, jr..
8:28 am
he chats and the iron man sequel. ,, (announcer) the art of getting dirty the art of getting clean powerfully formulated wisk® is better on tough mud stains than tide total care. wisk®. powerfully clean. perfectly priced.
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8:30 am
we have people over there making a joyful noise. >> some rhythm over there. >> welcome back to "the early show" on a friday. >> coming up, julie clen will talk with robert downey jr. about his amazing movie come back, "iron man 2" opens across the country today. also coming up, it's time for the annual "vegas uncork'd" food festival. bobby flay have chosen two of his favorite chefs to help him out get ready for a great mother's day dinner. >> speaking of mother's day, can you be a jewish mom without being jewish or a mom? >> absolutely.
8:31 am
>> we get the answers from three wise and funny ladies. you had a jewish mother. is that a good thing? >> unless that's news to my mother -- >> is that a good thing? >> you had a jewish mother. >> i meant -- >> i traded her in for an emiss came pail i don't know woman and it's brand new woman. >> i meant to say you were raised by a jewish mother. >> no, i was raised by a pack of wolves. but that's another story for my psychiatrist. let's get to the weather, everybody. >> i'm leaving. >> poor dave. >> no, i'm completely stable, people. am i right? picture of stability. let take a check of the weather and see what's happening all arouou
8:32 am
8:33 am
a shout out to good, taking care of mothers in the most neediest of circumstances. play us out, kids. here we go. that's a quick look at your weather picture. pump it up. harry, inside to you. >> thank, dave. "iron man 2" blasts in to theaters today after earning $100 million last weekend. our julie chen spoke with robert downey jr. who returns in the starring role as the comic book hero. julie is in l.a. good to see you, julie. >> good to hear you and see you, harry. things could not be going better these days for robert downey jr. the actor brings a swagger and confidence to his portrayal of tony stark and his alter ego, iron man. with "iron man 2," downey
8:34 am
continues his remarkable comeback. >> it's good to be back. >> reporter: when you were doing this role, what would be the first thing that would go through your head when you'd wake up and say today i get to be tony stark? >> i would say, yeah, it's good to be the king and also heavy is the head that wears the crown because we were expanding the scope of the story we were telling and i felt personally responsible for kind of delivering on that promise. >> reporter: when iron man first lifted off in 2008, it made a whopping $585 million worldwide. that success launched robert downey jr. into the holly a-listers. a sequel was inevitable. >> we returned to kind of the heart of the matter with tony, which is he has a very fragile existence. >> reporter: fragile because the brilliant and talented stark is also bent on self destruction, drowning his troubles in alcohol
8:35 am
and feeding indiana natured edouego. the parallels to downey's own struggles with addiction are unavoidable. from 1996 to 2001, he was in and out of rehab and spent nearly a year in prison. no movie star would hire him. >> i think life is really messy and really kind of ironic. some of it is beyond car made. so i don't understand much about it, but i certainly don't take it all that seriously. >> reporter: amazingly, he battled back and now at 45, the two time oscar nominee is one of the most bankable stars in the business. his other blockbuster franchise, "sherlock holmes," earned more than $500 million worldwide. the sequel shoots later this year. the secret to his sobriety? his wife of five year, susan, who serves as executive producer of "iron man 2."
8:36 am
you have given your wife, susan, credit for making you the man that you are today. what is it about her that has made you who you are? >> we're really well matched and she actually has more of a secret identity than most super heros in that she's very kind of stoic and businesslike on the outside and yet i get to see a side of her that is really reserved for our private times and we're just super close. >> what's the best piece of advice she's ever given you? >> shut up. >> reporter: do you ever regret not taking any of her advice and what would that have been? >> we have really good therapeutic tools that we use, things that go to stay current with each other and to really practice listening and stuff, you know. >> reporter: like what? >> like this is a good one. if you're with your partner and you're driving somewhere that takes more than 10 or 15 minutes, we have a thing where either one of us can say to the other one go and that means you're supposed to start just venting and saying whatever
8:37 am
comes up. trying not cross talk too much because if my vent is all about her character defects, then she's going to spend her vent defending herself, but rather if we just talk about ourselves in a general way or saying that we understand each other's point of view, even if we don't entirely, it's very helpful. >> reporter: i might have to try that one. >> now, i asked him if he took home any of those cool iron man suits after filming had ended and he said that the director, who is also in the film, gave him a helmet, but the house is under his wife's jurisdiction, so she gets to decide where it will be displayed. could i tell by that laugh that happens in your house? >> somebody's got to be in charge and it better not be me. and that whole therapy thing, it sounded like some of our staff meetings. now, if there is -- if there was an unavoidable sequel for "iron man," will there be an iron man 3? >> downey says if there is one,
8:38 am
he would definitely suit up for trk but he has a lot of other films in development. he's doing the sequel to "sherlock holmes," also about to shoot a movie called gravity, it's 3d and takes place on a remote space station. and he also has a comedy called due date out later this year. and in it, he plays an expect tant father racing to make it home for the birth of his baby. so his career is in high gear. >> big time. julie, thank you so much. good to see you. >> betwe as the old saying go, you don't have to be jewish to be a jewish mother. you don't even have to be a mom. here to explain in honor of mother's day are the co-authors of "secrets of a jewish mother." jill zarin, lisa wexler, and their mom, gloria kay men. congrats on the book. it is congrats on the book. it is congrats on the book. it is wonderful. i loved it so much, i thought this is my mom and she's a catholic cuban. >> that's right, you do not have
8:39 am
to be jewish to be a jewish mother. >> we're very excited for you. you'll be a mommy second time. >> second time. >> and are you thinking about strategies to make sure your kids stay close? >> i have a feeling like my daughter's going to be okay with it, but you can tell me more because you have kids who are five years apart like i do. >> i do, a son and a daughter. and one of the things our mother did so well is that she realized with that with two children to be a great parent, you have to be a different parents to every child. you have to change your personality to fit them rather than expecting them to change to fit you. >> that's great advice. and they have lots of great advice in the book. first of all, why don't you describe for us, what is a jewish mother? >> a jewish mother is really -- >> opinionated. >> thank you. >> it's true. >> thank you so much for your advice. anyway, the truth is, yeah, we are. we're very pin yoopinionated. and we dispense advice whether we ask for it or not.
8:40 am
but i don't even know what the typical jewish mother is. i think what it really means is a caring person, a person who will try to bring up their kids with emphasis on education, first and foremost, the ability to make a living. most jewish mothers or most mothers i would like to think want their children to be successful, to be happy, and productive productive. in order to get there, i believe that you needed indication. it doesn't matter what sex you are. >> that's true. >> and i treat both sexes the same. >> we have chapters on dating, also on marriage, on family focus, which is so important. >> we call it the grudge starts here. >> and we have a list of like a little test are au jussish mother test, which is really funny and we say do you have to know everything about everything, about everyone.
8:41 am
which is sort of the typical jewish mother. half the people who are buying the book right now are not jewish. and men and women and daughters and parents. and they just connect to something in the book. >> because there are universal truths that you mention in the book. number one, nobody else can criticize your kid. >> absolutely. if you have a 5-year-old, has that ever come out yet on a playground where someone has made a remark? >> it makes my blood boil. because they're so well meaning, but it's like shut up. >> they may not be necessarily. >> and if do you do, you say yoe sorry. >> you're not going to change the behavior of the child, but just make the mother feel in-ed a yacht. >> and don't wait until you're dead to -- >> that's mommy. she feels that people will rush you off the stage of life.
8:42 am
i know from people that they just -- older people need money to be independent. but it was also about things. >> you know what it is, it is the first half of your life, you buy stuff and the last half of the life, you give the stuff away. >> isn't that true? >> i want to get to the rael relationships. i love that you say all it takes is five minutes of understanding. >> that was mommy. >> afc awhat it means is that w you get into an argument, very likely it escalates. before you turn around and telling you what did you 20 years ago on a friday night at 8:30 -- >> i hate that. how is that relevant? >> because if you walk away and you just give yourself time to cool off, you come back again, you're not as excited, you're
8:43 am
more relevant about the point that you're arguing about or not. and it quiets down. >> but it's also the statement. in other words, may i have five minutes of understanding no matter what someone is doing. people will put down what they're doing and they'll say, sure. i'll pay attention. >> so many amazing little nug gets. i see where you get your wisdom. >> happy mother's day. >> it doesn't get better. >> i want to take you home. >> thank you. if only could i eat ti could ea food. i love. >> you'll love it. back to you. thanks, maggie. this morning bobby flay is at caesar's palace to kick off the fourth annual bon appetit food
8:44 am
festival. >> it's late or early, there's no clockings here. but you were saying we were doing the "vegas uncork'd," the fourth annual. and tonight is the grand tasting. there will be 1,000 people out here. i'll be cooking one of my dishes from mesa grill, but i have two great chefs here. and we'll talk mother's day today. and we have a couple of dishes. what are you going make for us? >> and i have white gazpacho. to do it is very simple. just put a little bit of olive oil in the blender, a tiny little bit of water. and then the rest of the
8:45 am
ingredients, garlic, low fat yogurt. makes it nice and creamy and pretty healthy. andcucumbers. you think it's red, tomatoes, peppers. so where does this originate from? >> from phillies. so tonight you'll also be participating in the grand tasting. and there's a trend that high end chefs are now opening burger places. and you have the best burger place in vegas without a doubt. why burgers? >> i think i branched out from like the white table cloth restaurant. i thought why not do something a little different and that's why
8:46 am
i started with build your own burgers. >> so let's make this happen. >> when we have everything in there hch- >> soefrg in the ble everything. . >> very simple. just blend everything as you can see. >> i've never seen white gazpacho. >> i think they do it in spain a lot, too. >> so now the idea, so simple, but you go in presentation. for mother's day, i have some martini glasses and all different kind of ideas that we can use because again the ingredients aren't expensive. it's simple. >> four ingredieningredients, t in, hit a button and you have soup. >> even a kid can do it. and on the top, vanilla oil. >> terrific. >> and as you can see, we have a
8:47 am
different presentation. >> want to try it? >> i would. >> that's great. and also you're deejaying tonight. >> yes, i'm deejaying the party. >> bring it home. >> my dish is something inspired from italy. it's different from his because mine was i brought my wife to this restaurant and this is the inspiration we had for our restaurant. and anybody can do it at home. nothing other than tomatoes in the bottom of a bowl, some torn up ba up basil. >> you fly in fish from the mediterranean every day. >> exactly. so we have about 40 different species. and this is one of those dishes that you can use pretty much all year round. so just olive oil and you can
8:48 am
never have too much. a little salt. >> so again, just a few ingredients. basil, tomatoes -- >> and beans. just toss it all together. >> do we have to cook the beans, can we use the can? >> you can use the canned. this is a very simple thing. if you can't get head-on shrimp, you can use the other ones. but just the simplicity of this and it's great when you're entertaining because you can make this a few minutes ahead, have it out on the buffet, you can make a big platter of it. but for me it's heartfelt because my wife is this amazing mother and it's a dish that we shared together. >> you're doing good work. you're taking care of mom. >> i got some points today. >> we'll get some of this breakfast of champions in our hands and we'll celebrate las vegas. it's the one day of year where we all get in the sand box and
8:49 am
we play together. >> we're playing black jack tonight. >> right. a black jack tournament. >> harry, come on out and play some fwlak black jack with us. >> and for those of you that aren't here, come next year. >> you look like you'll have a great time and a great mother's day. bobby, thank you so much, pal. great job, everybody. >> good to see you, harry. >> you can find these recipes and more information on "vegas uncork'd" on our website, that's we'll be right back. we'll be right back. you're watching "thehe,,,,,,
8:50 am
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we are digging spring here in new york city. it seemed like a long winter, but the spring is awesome. chris wragge is here with a preview. >> coming up tomorrow morning, we will have summer blockbust
8:52 am
blockbusters, iron m"iron man" theaters tonight. also sex and the city 2. five facebook fierce. everything from identity theft to facebook tastalker, dave. >> no one requested in three years. >> and rebecca jarvis''s mom will be here, my mom will be here, armed with shots of us as kids. rebecca when she was in prison. i'm kidding, rebecca. the big mom today extravaganza. >> i have a feeling your baby picture looks remarkably how you look now. >> without a doubt. he came out tanned. >> were in you gentlemjamaica l week? >> wearing a designer suit. >> happy mother's day, everybody. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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